Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application fee?
No. There is no fee charged to apply to live at AXIS28.
Can anyone rent a room in AXIS28?

No. AXIS28 is student housing, and all tenants need to be full-time students enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Proof of enrollment in an accredited post-secondary institution will be required to move into AXIS28.

Can an individual rent an entire apartment?
No. AXIS28 is residence-style housing. The tenant’s lease is for a locking bedroom in an apartment and shared use of the common areas with roommates. One tenant cannot lease more than one bedroom.
Can two people lease a bedroom?
No. Leases are for one person for each bedroom.
Can opposite gender students live together in the same apartment?
Yes. You can apply to live with opposite gender and/or non-binary individuals. However, if you apply as an individual, we will not place you in an apartment with someone of the opposite gender.
What if I do not have roommates and apply as an individual?
AXIS28 is residence-style housing. If you apply as an individual we will place you in an apartment with other roommate(s). Roommates are chosen based on gender, age and program of study.
What is the length of the lease for AXIS28?

Most of our leases coincide with the school year (September 1 through to April 30). If tenants know they will be staying in Lethbridge over the summer, they can chose to sign a summer lease (May 1 to August 31). All leases at AXIS28 are fixed-term leases and there are penalties for early cancellation. These penalties are outlined in the lease agreement.

How much is the security deposit and when is it due?
The security deposit for AXIS28 is the equivalent of one month’s rent and is due when you sign your lease. You have not secured a room at AXIS28 until there is both a signed lease AND the security deposit has been paid. The security deposit is held in trust for the duration of your tenancy at AXIS28. The deposit will be returned in full after your lease expires provided there is no damage done to the apartment. Security deposits cannot be used to pay your last-month’s rent. If for whatever reason you choose not to rent a room at AXIS28 after signing the lease and sending the security deposit, you will forfeit your deposit.
If there is damage done to the apartment, how is the cost to repair divided among the roommates?
If it can be determined which roommate was responsible for the damage, that roommate will be responsible the cost of the damages. If responsibility cannot be determined, cost for the damages will be split evenly amongst the roommates.
What if my roommate(s) move out before the expiration of the lease?
Because your lease is for your bedroom and the common areas of the apartment, If your roommate(s) move out prior to their lease expiring you will continue to be responsible only for your rent, not for the rent costs for the entire apartment. After your roommate(s) move out, their bedroom(s) will be locked. Management does retain the right to move other student(s) into the vacant bedroom(s).
Do I require Tenant Insurance to rent at AXIS28?
Yes. It is a policy of the building that all tenants carry tenant insurance. As a student you may be covered by your parent(s) house insurance policy; otherwise, you can purchase a policy from your insurance provider. Proof of insurance must be provided prior to moving into AXIS28.
Can I bring my own mattress?
No. It is a health and safety regulation of the building that no additional furniture can be moved into the apartments, including mattresses.
Can I bring patio furniture for the balcony?
Yes. You may bring a small patio set to use on the balcony. Barbecues, smokers, and all other outdoor cooking appliances are prohibited.
Is there a cost to park in the parking lot?
No. Parking in the AXIS28 parking lot is free to tenants and guests. Parking is not assigned and there are no plug-ins in the parking lot.
Are pets permitted at AXIS28?
No. However, tenants may have up to a five-gallon fish tank in their rooms. Note that if you chose to have a fish tank you will be responsible for any damages to the apartment that may be caused should there be any issues with the maintenance of the tank.
How and when is rent paid?
Rent is due on the first day of the month. Rent can be paid by e-transfer. We do not accept cheques or credit cards for payment of rent. Rent may also be paid in cash, but it is the tenant’s responsibility to make arrangements with the building management if they chose to pay rent with cash.
If I am a current tenant who will be leaving for the summer and returning in the fall can I leave my security deposit in trust?
No. When you move out in the Spring we will conduct the move-out inspection and return your security deposit (less any amount to repair damages if applicable) associated with your lease. If you wish to move back into AXIS28 in the fall for the following school year you will need to submit a returning-tenant application, sign a new lease, and then pay the security deposit for that new lease.

Why choose Axis28?


Move in ready

Fully furnished apartments are move-in ready! And best of all, the bedrooms have a queen-size bed


Yes! There is a dishwasher

Your kitchen comes standard with a     full-sized fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher!


Utilities + Internet

Utilities and internet are included in the rent - and there is a wifi booster in each apartment!


On-site Laundry

Each floor has laundry room with two washers and two dryers. The machines are app-driven so no change required! 



Each apartment has a balcony. You can bring a small patio set to enjoy this space, but no barbecues are allowed.



Walking distance to Lethbridge College and easy access to public transit, shopping and restaurants.



Lots of room in the building's parking lot. Parking is not assigned and does not have plug-ins. 


Secure Building

Residents require a key to access the building and there is video-monitoring of all common areas. 


Air-conditioned apartments

Enjoy a climate-controlled environment year round in our air-conditioned apartments.

Accepting applications for the 2023/24 school year beginning March 15